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Invest in people with Down syndrome

With your help, we provide support to families of people with Down syndrome in many ways.  The 21 Club makes available "New Family Welcome Packages" at local hospitals with information about DS, a present for the newborn, and present for the family.   We also hold regular meetings where families can get together and learn from each other as well as informational speakers. The 21 Club also organizes "Ladies Night Out" for the moms, aunts, grandmas, and other women in our group to gather and enjoy time together in a relaxed  atmosphere of fun while learning from one another. ​

Our dreams for the future of our group do depend on the donations we receive.  We hope to have a facility where we can provide tutoring in math, science and reading, offer speech therapies to people with DS of all ages, offer cooking lessons, a therapy room where we can teach karate, dance, and other physical activities.  We want to offer scholarships to help people with DS to attend college.  With your help, we hope to be able to offer all of these activities and programs to people with Down syndrome for FREE.

Thank you, for any amount you might be able to donate.  You may mail your donations to: PO Box 264, Washington Mills, New York 13479, or click on the "Donate Here" below for online donations.

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